Tuesday, December 6, 2011

5thply x U-Kru skateshop...

This collaboration took almost a year before it got done. But it's finally here.
U-Kru(Urdaneta Kru) skateshop owner JEP CALIBOSO is one of those guys who just wants to keep their local skate scene going, and thought of starting a skateshop. Since 5thply started he was one of those shops who believed for the cause. Having a local good quality brand that they can represent.

We are proud of doing business with him and as a result, It's just right to share that spotlight with this DECK.
It will be mainly be available at U-KRU skateshop Viper Telecom, Grnd. Flr. New Urdaneta Public Market (0917) 788.6667.

And a limited number of decks will be available at weLegendary RONAC and KAMUNING.

5thply and U-Kru will be hosting a "LAND it or NOTHING" skate event at BINALONAN AUDITORIUM this saturday DEC.10, 2011.

5thply skaters WONG Lorenzana and AKUMA will be there to join you guys from the north for some skate sesh.

CASH and PRIZES and probably a case of BEER will be given away.

See you guys SATURDAY.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

AKUMA for 5thply...

Akuma riding the "DEFINE THIS" team edition deck.
available at:
- weLegendary
- u-kru skateshop
- ransak skateshop
- ounce skates
- noobs boardshop

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Friday, June 10, 2011

KLOAK x 5THPLY 2.1 system

With the recent release of 5thply skateboard’s first team video “DEFINE THIS”, KLOAK came up with very unique approach to a very simple skate accessory. Skate sacks have always been an all time favorite for local skaters. KLOAK puts in the idea of making it more useful other than just a skateboard compartment. The 2.1 system allows the sack to become a bag and vice versa, turning it into a messenger bag with a quick fold. A brainchild of weLegendary davao’s own KILLIAN BERNAL, KLOAK will be among our country’s innovators of the local skate market.

Made for skateboarding.

- 2.1 system features messenger bag and skate sack conversion.
- two pocket attachment for extra compartment.
- two piece slider.
- velcro straps attachments.
- waterproof nylon material.
- can hold up to 10kilo grams.


Php 700.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

5thply Shirts...

We finally had shirts done... and releasing them all on SATRUDAY ( June 11,2011 ) at both weLegendary KAMUNING and RONAC.

To see on how the shirts look like... CLICK on WELEGENDARY.COM

5thply x KLOAK

In line with the "DEFINE THIS" video, KLOAK (a davao based skatebag company) will be releasing a limited edition 2.1 skatesack system.

There will only be a few pieces available, only through WELEGENDARY.

More details soon.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Our homeboy from OUNCE SKATES dropped off some 5thply Stickers at weLegendary KAMUNING to giveaway fro those who's going to get the new 5thply "DEFINE THIS" deck..

Only PHP 1,900 comes with FKD griptape, and "DEFINE THIS" SKATE TEAM VIDEO DVD.
Check out weLegendary and OUNCE SKATES for info.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


PRICE: Php 1,900 (deck prices may vary with other shops, due to locations)...
Comes with:
- a free copy of the FULL LENGTH TEAM SKATE VIDEO, a film by jayson santiago.
- a griptape (depends on availability, but for now it comes with FKD griptapes).
- blood, sweat and tears from the whole 5thply team.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

5thply presents "DEFINE THIS" video premier

3 and a half long years in the making..... finally here it is.
Our first ever TEAM SKATE VIDEO.
Featuring: Dante Ortega, Mark Calvo, Wong, Alex Ompoy, Akuma.
A Film by Jayson Santiago.
We will start 8pm SHARP so please come early.
RONAC MAP...google map it too so you wont get lost.

Nico Puertollano for 5thply

Skateboarding and ART are 2 different entity which cannot be separated.

5thply "DEFINE THIS" team deck came from a vast idea of putting out a TEAM SKATE video which would hopefully push or add up to solidify our local skate community.

New York City raised Nico Puertollano helped us in giving the illustration of this project. Making to a point that the concept was RAW and ORIGINAL, Nico dug deep on his early style of graphic work when he was still in New York, skating and hitting the walls.

It was just a perfect combination.
We had the interview, some preview... so i guess the video will explain itself.

Friday, March 18, 2011

What do we have here?

AKUMA having a photo op with the new 5thply DECK. COMING OUT THIS APRIL...!

Monday, January 31, 2011