Tuesday, December 6, 2011

5thply x U-Kru skateshop...

This collaboration took almost a year before it got done. But it's finally here.
U-Kru(Urdaneta Kru) skateshop owner JEP CALIBOSO is one of those guys who just wants to keep their local skate scene going, and thought of starting a skateshop. Since 5thply started he was one of those shops who believed for the cause. Having a local good quality brand that they can represent.

We are proud of doing business with him and as a result, It's just right to share that spotlight with this DECK.
It will be mainly be available at U-KRU skateshop Viper Telecom, Grnd. Flr. New Urdaneta Public Market (0917) 788.6667.

And a limited number of decks will be available at weLegendary RONAC and KAMUNING.

5thply and U-Kru will be hosting a "LAND it or NOTHING" skate event at BINALONAN AUDITORIUM this saturday DEC.10, 2011.

5thply skaters WONG Lorenzana and AKUMA will be there to join you guys from the north for some skate sesh.

CASH and PRIZES and probably a case of BEER will be given away.

See you guys SATURDAY.