Thursday, January 26, 2012



We mark our first PRO MODEL BOARD with Mr. Alex Ompoy.
Before we end the first month of the year, lets gets things rolling.

Alex has been skating with the brand before there was even a brand. Back 7 years ago when we had our first decks made. He had already been part of the team. It was unofficial back then since it was all about testing the waters. But this 2012 and our 4th production deck, we felt that it was time to make a mark. Make things possible for our local guys to get that SKATER dream (besides having bentley's or beemers) POSSIBLE.

and YES they do get paid.

Deck available at all wL stores on SATURDAY, Jan.28th or check out
and we will be PARTY'n at wL DAVAO on the same day at 8PM. If your in town drop by everyone is welcome...